Hello World! A Tale of Two Countries

A Tale of Two Countries – Freedom On the Internet and in Society Colour Index Obstacles to the free flow of information online Grey – Unknown Blue – No censorship Yellow – Some censorship Red – Under surveillance Black – Heavy surveillance (“Internet black holes”) Internet-surveillance trends around the world are both interesting and surprising. … Continue reading

Hello World! A Landmark Verdict by the Supreme Court of India

From Shah Bano to Shabano Bano In December 2009, Supreme Court of India delivered a landmark verdict in favour of the divorced Muslim women. Indian Civil Code grants alimony and maintenance to the divorced women just as in any civil law in the democratic world. However, orthodox Islamic clerics had pressed the government to keep … Continue reading

Hello World! From “Servant” to “Custodian” of Holy Shrines

From “Servant” to the “Custodian” of the Two Holy Shrines Mecca and Medinah are the holiest places for Islam. They house the two most important mosques of the religion, apart from the Kaaba, which serves as the reference point for about a billion Muslims across the world, who face the Kaaba during their prayer. They … Continue reading

Hello World! Swiss Ban on Islamic Minarets

Ban on Islamic Minarets in Switzerland The popular vote in favour of banning the minarets in the mosques of Switzerland has raised an uproar from the democratic world as well as the Islamic groups. The former sees it as an encroachment upon the religious freedom, which is against the principles of democracy, while the latter … Continue reading