New Year Day or Coming out of a Year and Going into Another…

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Sunrise, Goa

I guess as a blogger I must recount the year gone by as we all stand at this juncture of the year gone by and the one standing before us.

So, what did I achieve in the past year? Well, I sent two important books to publishers, so it was not all that bad. I also founded a new online journal, which has been received well and scholars are sending articles to be published in that journal (See link here).

Because of blogging, I came across new friends, Chitra and SG are two of them, but there are more. I also lost contact with a lot of friends, who went out of my life and I feel perhaps it’s better for all of us. It was nice knowing them, but whatever happens, happens for the best.

I spent much of 2010 travelling between Simla and Delhi, but that’s another story. On the travel part, I am still stuck in Delhi, as I had not planned. Let’s hope 2011 will take me to another place.

2010 also shook my faith in the so-called democratic world, much propagated as the world of equal opportunities. I realised that the democracies of the world may not be all that democratic after all. It is possible to arrest a person on the basis of suspicions and allegations, without framing a proper criminal charge against the person – in the so-called leaders of the democratic world. I realised that Interpol can be an accomplice in this kind of gross violation of human rights. I also realised that when a powerful country is involved in this human rights violation, no one speaks against it – not anymore. I also realised that perhaps we all are under surveillance – in the democratic world – so much so that if you post a video on a blog, it can be removed from the source itself, because it’s inconvenient for the powers that be. I began to question whether these countries are really democracies that they claim to be.

Sunset, Goa

I also discovered that even in this age, not all educated urban people are visible online. This world has a long way to go to provide Internet connection to every educated person – first every person has to be educated enough and before that, every person has to get basic amenities of life. We should consider ourselves fortunate that we may not have everything we want, but we are still better off than even many educated urban people.

India is regarded as a rising economy, but I still see the beggars on streets, slums increasing in cities, slimy water, garbage and dirt everywhere, pollution rising. I wonder where the rising economy is.

It’s customary to greet a new year with hopes and good wishes, regardless of the lessons each old year teaches us. But as it is said in Hindi, this world sustains itself on hope (ummid par duniya kayam hai). If there is no hope, there can be no meaningful life.

So, let’s hope 2011 will be a much better year than 2010 and will bring hope, happiness and prosperity to all!


Winter Sun Rising in South Delhi

7 Responses to “New Year Day or Coming out of a Year and Going into Another…”
  1. Global says:

    Very thought provoking!

    happy New year!! 🙂

  2. Florida says:

    Happy New Year!! 🙂

  3. Archana says:

    Thanks, Florida and Global!! 🙂

  4. Lynn Vaiphei says:

    very thought provoking n hopefully, da hope continues to sustain the world

  5. Archana says:

    Hi lynn,
    Thanks for your comment and a happy New Year to you and your family! 8)

  6. Chitra says:

    Happy New year , sorry a belated one . I am visiting your blog very very late.I was travelling, my son was home from hostel, washing machine conked out, computer problems so that is how 2011 started for me. But even if late, I would definitely come here to read what you have written as I enjoy the way you put things across. I do not have that flair. It’s a compliment for you. I have also started my new hobby of making artificial jewellery, just to keep myself engaged during my lean seasons of work. At times I spend too much time here at the pc. so I statred another way of diverting my mind. I am very happy with what I am doing.. I am yet to do an article for your journal. definitely I will do that. I am juggling so many thing these days.
    Very happy you mentioned my name in the blog. And I am also saying let our friendship blossom well in years to come.Thanks a ton Archana.

  7. Archana says:

    Hi Chitra,
    Thanks for appreciating my writing, though I must say you make lots of effort to write your posts as well.

    That’s a terrible way to start the new year. I hope your problems have sorted out now and your jewellery business flourishes.

    I’ll wait for your article. The next issue is due in May, so you can send it by March end.

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