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Bouquet of Posts from me

Bouquet of Posts from me

In these pages I write about various topics that catch my fancy. Pull out whatever post in this bouquet pleases you, enjoy and comment!


Food – Biryani, Dahi Maach (Fish-in-yoghurt), Mithila Food, Momo, Sambhar-Sadam, Chana-Dal-Gosht

Festivals – Diwali

Culture – Eroticism, Parvati’s Marriage

Corruption – JNU Security (22/11/2009), South Asian Workers in Saudi Arabia

Cultural Politics – Swiss Ban on Minarets, Malaysian Churches, Servant of the Holy Shrines in Saudi Arabia, Lifting the Veil, My Name is khan, Christian Divorce, Internet Freedom

Blogging – Blogs on Google Search

Travel – Simla – 1Simla – 2 (Viceregal Lodge), Simla 3 (Monuments of Simla), Simla 4 (Places around Simla)Simla to Renuka LakeSimla to Dharmashala and Dalhousie, Simla to Chansal peak, Simla to Rohtang, Simla to Kinnaur and Spiti

4 Responses to “Click for Posts here…”
  1. pranav says:

    gud…nice to see u on blog..this is the only medium where u can express yur feelings, thoughts and view freely without any editing….nice that u have started with food….yummmmy mouth watering biryani…..wud suggest u to write about region specifc food which are less known to the outside world..foodies like biryani..pulao..chicken stuffs, mughals…chienese..continentals are available on website…try to write about regional specifilaties which are equally tasty….for example…..litti chokha…chutneys…..(garlic, green chillies, sarson, dhaniya patta, amla, pudina etc)….chutneys are one of the specialities of food….
    second…dont impose yur intense historical debate on this site…. talk about travels to mountains, sea beaches, hilly areas etc.. yur personal experience and the beauty, archaeological sites, people and their culture….what is new which are not known to the outside people….what is rare..which is not available elsewhere….top tourist destinations of all times…best road journeys……city of ancient temples…make yur blog a meaningful without any biasness…
    tks &luv

  2. av3467 says:

    Dear Bhaiya,
    Thanks for your helpful comments. Yes, I’m going to talk about region-specific food as well, just that I’m addicted to Biryani! The green chutney you’ve described is my favourite too – it’s a good idea, I’ll talk about it. I’ll bring in Mithila food as well, just wait and see.


  3. Niraj Kr Jha says:

    Hi Archana Ji… u seemed to be a Mailhili … I actually was searching for some good content for making marriage invitation card for my Sister in maithli language.. will be happy if u cn guide me in this regards… better if u can mail me on my id.

    Niraj Kr. Jha

  4. Archana says:

    Hi Niraj,
    Yes I am a Maithil, but don’t live in Mithila. I’ll reply to you soon.

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