Cuisine as Culture

Persian Cuisie

Readers are welcome to enjoy the video above and feel hungry at the mouthwatering sights of the great cuisine that Iran is known for. But please don’t spoil the taste of your mouth by reading the comments below this video on the Youtube page. I have always wondered why the youtube videos that focus on … Continue reading

Hello World! Chana-Dal-Gosht – A Parsi Dish

Chana-ni-Dal-ma-Gosht – A Parsi Dish Roasted meat in gram (yellow chickpeas) lentils is a dish from the Parsi cuisine from the Western coast of India. Parsis are Zoroastrians who fled to the Western coast of India from Persia when Persia adopted Islam 1300 years ago. They inhabited Gujarat and Maharashtra and today have their maximum … Continue reading

Hello World! Sambar-Sadam

Sambar-Sadam – Sambar Rice Dish from South India    Sambhar and rice are the ubiquitous foods of South India; people eating them on a daily basis. Hence, Sambar-Sadam, a dish originating in Tamil Nadu is only naturally popular in South India. It basically involves rice, dal and vegetables together with all the spices of Sambar and … Continue reading

Hello World! Momo – A Himalayan Dish

Momo – A Dish from the Himalayas Momos have been introduced into the Indian plains by the Tibetans who left their homeland after China’s occupation of Tibet. Now, it is a hugely popular dish in India, where numerable varieties have cropped up, accomodating the taste of the Indian palette. Although it resembles the Chinese Jiaozi … Continue reading

Hello World! Food from Mithila

Some Dishes from Mithila in Eastern India Mithila in eastern India shares its cultural traits with Assam, Bengal and Orissa. However, there are also many variations in these regions which are specific to each of them. I talk about only some of the Mithila dishes here. Bagia – There is a dish made of rice … Continue reading

Hello World! Doi (Dahi) Maach

Doi (Dahi) Maach – Fish Curry in Yoghurt from Eastern India A popular dish in Eastern India and Bangladesh, majority of people think this is a Bengali dish, but that is not true. It is popular in Orissa and Assam as well, neighbouring regions with whom Bengal shares many of its cultural traits. In Bangla … Continue reading

Hello World!

Biryani – A Delicious South Asian Dish Although identified with the Muslim communities, Biryani is a delicious dish that people of all communities enjoy. Many have the wrong assumption that Biryani came to South Asia from Central and West Asia, but it is very much a South Asian dish, perhaps drawing from such Central and … Continue reading