New Year Day or Coming out of a Year and Going into Another…

Sunrise, Goa I guess as a blogger I must recount the year gone by as we all stand at this juncture of the year gone by and the one standing before us. So, what did I achieve in the past year? Well, I sent two important books to publishers, so it was not all that … Continue reading

Hello World! A Tale of Two Countries

A Tale of Two Countries – Freedom On the Internet and in Society Colour Index Obstacles to the free flow of information online Grey – Unknown Blue – No censorship Yellow – Some censorship Red – Under surveillance Black – Heavy surveillance (“Internet black holes”) Internet-surveillance trends around the world are both interesting and surprising. … Continue reading

Hello World! South Asian Workers in Saudi Arabia

Plight of South Asian Workers in Saudi Arabia A lot of workers from South Asian countries go to West Asia, whose oil economy has circulated stories about their fabled wealth. Hence, these countries provide a venue for the South Asians for earning good income for their skilled or unskilled work that they do – or … Continue reading

Hello World! Dark Faces of Police and Media

DARK FACES OF POLICE AND MEDIA    The incident in JNU Campus in New Delhi on the night of 22nd of November showed how meaningless the state apparatus can be in defending the public – even protecting the culprit against the interests of the public and to make matters worse, media can play second fiddle … Continue reading