My Travels through the Himalayas – II (Simla to Renuka Lake)

Renuka Lake is the biggest lake in Himachal, lying at a low height of 636 ft south of Simla, which means that the drive from Simla to Renuka goes down the slopes for most parts. The lake lies almost in a valley between several hills and hence, it feels quite warm here, especially if one … Continue reading

Hello World! Parvati’s Marriage in Mithila Cultural Expressions

Parvati’s Marriage to Shiva in Mithila Cultural Expressions Shiva one of the greatest Hindu deities has multiple images, often conflicting with each other – he is the ultimate ascetic, begging for food, having no proper place to live, smearing his body with ashes from the cremation ground, having cobras crawling over his body and engaging … Continue reading