My travels through the Himalayas VI – Simla to Spiti via Kinnaur

Travel to Tabo Monastery in Spiti – Ajanta of the Himalayas This is the last post in the series on My Travels Through the Himalayas. I hope you have enjoyed travelling through these majestic mountains with me. Do continue reading the blog for posts on other topics. The most exotic places in Himachal lie in … Continue reading

My Travels through the Himalayas – V (Simla to Rohtang Pass)

This was one of the two most exotic trips I made in Himachal. In May 2007 my family members had come to visit me in Simla. We planned to go to Rohtang Pass, a famous 13,500 ft peak at the juncture of Kullu and Lahaul-Spiti districts, which has a permanent snow-cap. Our team had a … Continue reading

My Travels Through the Himalayas – III (Simla to Dharmashala and Dalhousie)

Dharmashala is of course famous for its Tibetan Monastery and the Dalai Lama’s residence here. I wanted to go there from Simla and had two chances to visit the place – one with another woman fellow and several Associate Fellows who visited the Institute – Prof. Kailash Pattanaik from Orissa, Jaydeep from Bengal and Nirmal … Continue reading

My Travels through the Himalayas – II (Simla to Renuka Lake)

Renuka Lake is the biggest lake in Himachal, lying at a low height of 636 ft south of Simla, which means that the drive from Simla to Renuka goes down the slopes for most parts. The lake lies almost in a valley between several hills and hence, it feels quite warm here, especially if one … Continue reading

My Travels Throught the Himalayas – I (Simla to Kharapattar, Tattapani, Naldehra)

Places Around Simla My First Experience of snow! Most Indians don’t get to see the snow on a regular basis and hence, they find the idea of snow exciting – just as the British find the idea of sun exciting! 🙂 Indians don’t like to be in the sun, because sun is so hot here. … Continue reading

My Travels Through the Himalayas – I (Monuments of Simla – 2)

Monuments of Simla – 2 While the Viceregal Lodge was the power-centre from 1889, architectural constructions – both private and official had been built here from the early 19th century onwards. I have mentioned some of these in the first post in this series. Most of these buildings are renovated now, but they still exist. … Continue reading

My Travels Through The Himalayas – I – Monuments of Simla – 1

My Travels Through The Himalayas – I Monuments of Simla-1 Viceregal Lodge (Now the Indian Institute of Advanced Study) I said in the last post that the British Empire in India was ruled from the Viceregal Lodge from 1889 onwards. Built on the summit of the Observatory Hill, it’s an imposing building, with a housing capacity … Continue reading

Hello World! South Asian Workers in Saudi Arabia

Plight of South Asian Workers in Saudi Arabia A lot of workers from South Asian countries go to West Asia, whose oil economy has circulated stories about their fabled wealth. Hence, these countries provide a venue for the South Asians for earning good income for their skilled or unskilled work that they do – or … Continue reading

Hello World! Happy Diwali!!

Diwali the Festival of Light in South Asia Diwali is one of the most important Hindu festivals celebrated in India and Nepal. In North India, it is celebrated as the day when Rama returned to his kingdom of Ayodhya after killing Ravana and completing his 14 years of exile period. However, in eastern India, especially Bengal, it … Continue reading

Hello World!

Biryani – A Delicious South Asian Dish Although identified with the Muslim communities, Biryani is a delicious dish that people of all communities enjoy. Many have the wrong assumption that Biryani came to South Asia from Central and West Asia, but it is very much a South Asian dish, perhaps drawing from such Central and … Continue reading