Hello World! Dark Faces of Police and Media


   The incident in JNU Campus in New Delhi on the night of 22nd of November showed how meaningless the state apparatus can be in defending the public – even protecting the culprit against the interests of the public and to make matters worse, media can play second fiddle to the corrupt State apparatus to only help it in keeping the culprits active in their activities.

   JNU Campus has security at its front gate, to check the vehicles that go in so that rowdy elements can be kept out. In the past, some miscreants had been using the free atmosphere of the university to their own advantage. To stop such elements, security was installed at the gate a few years ago. On 22nd of November, four youths came in a car in a drunken state and when they were stopped by the security they showed the guards a revolver. They also passed lewd remarks at a woman student who was passing by – a highly objectionable act in this campus, where such actions are not tolerated.

   Quite naturally, this enraged the students who were around, and soon hundreds – perhaps a thousand of them – gathered there. They broke the car of the miscreants, pulled the man out and punched him. Meanwhile, the police were called – who came in thousands, filled in buses and trucks. At this point, it turned out that the youth with the revolver was the son of a senior police officer. Hence, the students surrounded the vehicle he was kept in by the police and they objected to him being taken to the police station. It’s anyone’s guess, that his father would have used his influence to get him out of the police station in no time. Hence, the students wanted some action to be taken against the miscreants in the campus itself, by the university’s involvement. They refused to budge and kept the vigil till about 10pm, demanding justice against a senior police officer’s son who indulged in criminal activities.

   When the police saw they couldn’t take the youths out of the campus, they began Lathi charge, sprayed tear gas and even climbed on top of roof of the security check-post and began to throw bricks and stones on the gathering below – which included some teachers and other staff by now. The gathering couldn’t stand this barbaric assault and began to disperse, thus making way for the police to take the youths away. Many students, teachers and staff were badly hurt.

   This incident shows that the security at the JNU gate is really meaningless – anyone can show a revolver and get into the campus to do whatever they like.

   This entire shameful incident shows the degradation to which our administration has set in. The police, supposed to protect the people, was defending the culprit because he happened to be a senior police officer’s son. They didn’t abstain from dispersing the demand for justice by resorting to violence against unarmed students. It also throws light on the kind of people who reach the senior position in the police – who can’t raise their own children into good citizens are expected to protect the citizens.

   Equally deplorable was the role of media in entirely misrepresenting this incident. Their focus was on defending the state machinery because the reporters may have had their own selfish interests to serve. It was advantageous for them to help the corrupt and degenerate state machinery in maligning the students who were demanding justice and in suppressing the facts of the incidents. The way this incident was reported in the popular media is shocking – the fact that the culprit was a police officer’s son having illegal weapons on his person and that the police were trying to defend him is not brought into light. Rather, the media reports have placed the burden of crime on the students, by stating that the students were refusing to let the police do their job! This kind of reporting is obviously done to appease the corrupt state machinery and to hide the facts from the public. Students have no power, so they can be made the scapegoats in such cases.

   How much lower does this country have to sink before everyone realises it’s high time to wake up?

9 Responses to “Hello World! Dark Faces of Police and Media”
  1. rushda says:

    archna, you have covered teh incident well. there is however one little point over which i can not agree with you. if the lawless ruffians had misbehaved, the students had no business taking law into their own hands. years of education should have taught them that violence will only beget violence. the way to counter the uncivilized, uncouth and uncultured people is not through adopting their style………. there has to be a difference ……….. beat the brwans with brains.

  2. Archana says:

    Thanks Rushda for your comment. In fact, the students didn’t indulge in that much of violence – they were demanding how the justice could be done if these men were going to be set free at the police station. You are right about conscious citizens not taking the law in their hands, but there is a need to think about it seriously – how can the justice be delivered if those given the responsibilty of delivering justice are the ones who indulge in crime. It is this kind of “lawlessness’ of the “lawgivers” that forces the ordinary citizens to indulge in taking the law in their hands. If the State apparatus fails to deliver, people resort to parallel ways of extracting a retribution. I am the last person to take the law in my hands, but the question is, if the state machinery itself is diseased, who is going to give you justice?

  3. mamta says:

    Archana di,
    I went through ur mail and was recollecting my days at JNU campus. I remembered that almost same type of incident occured inside the campus in the year 2000-2001.On 31st December,2000, inside the Godavari Hostel every body was celebrating new year on their own ways. The time was around 11.30pm, 31st December 2000, Me, my friend Aradhana were sitting nearby the waiting room. There is a big tree facing to the gate inside the hostel under which there was a bonfire and we were warming ourselfs sitting around the burn fire and were chating. We saw a girl came to us and offered some groundnuts and sat with us. Since she was not hostelite and not a very familiar face, we had a little doubt on her. After sometime we saw three girls entering inside the hostel and one among them was walking like a ‘hinjida’ ‘eunuch’ . So we were discussing that since no ‘hinjida’ ‘eunuch’ was there in our hostel, how come this so called girl’eunuch’ is here and that to at midnight ? what she is doing inside the hostel? Then these three girls ran inside the hostel. We could make out their movement through the skilights fitting inside the hostel that they are going to the third floor. The girl who was offering us groundnuts also ran after these three girls. So we also ran after them. Finally they caught red handed. We got to know that the ‘hinjida’ ‘eunuch’ was a boy decorated himself as a girl and dared to enter inside the hostel. Their plan was to celebrate the new year. From our hostel one girl(not disclosing her name) who had given her room key to these culprits to celebrate the new year. These three girls and one boy so called ‘hinjida”eunuch’ belongs to rich families like from high class army Officers sons and doughters. I thanks to our hostelites that every body gathered and made into a point that until and unless their parents will come to the hostel we will not let them to go. For your information that day also our so called security did not cooperate rather requesting us to leave these culprits. But we all hostelites were together. We locked all four culprits inside the waiting room of our hostel and waited till their parents came and apologised. Also warned them that whoever you are don’t dare to do such mischefious activites inside the hostel as well as inside the campus, otherwise you will be punished accordingly. Our JNU has its own way to punish the culprits which always pass a positive message to the people of every generation of our society. So my JNUities, do behave differently, do act differently, because you are different from others so you are in JNU.
    with love

  4. Archana says:

    Hi Mamta!
    That’s a great experience and insight you have shared with us – and you remember all the details, down to the time! I was here in 2000, but am not even aware this incident happened right in Godaveri which was my hostel! You are absolutely right, sometimes public can take retribution from the culprits without necessarily physically harming them and in a very responsible manner. JNU has always shown this kind of responsibility.

  5. सुयश says:

    जेएनयू की घटना से एक बार फिर मीडिया और पुलिस का असली चरित्र सामने आया है। अखबारों में यही लिखा गया कि छात्रों की पत्थरबाजी से बचने के लिए पुलिस को बलप्रयोग करना पड़ा। यह बलप्रयोग केवल छात्रों पर किया जाता है। बेईमान नेताओं और उद्योगपतियों को तो पुलिस और मीडिया दोनों अपनी सेवा प्रदान करने के लिए हमेशा तैयार रहते हैं। जब सत्ता से जुड़े लोगों के हित आपस में मिलते हैं तो छात्रों, औरतों को पुलिस की पुलिस की लाठी के अलावा कुछ भी नहीं मिलता है।

  6. Well, I was there from 5 pm to 9 pm. To be brutally frank both sides were guilty (students were very irrational that day).

  7. Archana says:

    Namaste Suyash! Thanks for giving an insightful opinion on this and welcome to the blog.

    Hi Vikash, thanks for your comment and welcome to the blog. I – and a lot of students and teachers feel that the students were not rational – they were simply demandig how these culprits who were connected to a high level police officials could be punished. But neither the police nor the JNU administration attempted to provide any solution – the VC wasn’t there and till this day he hasn’t taken any steps to see what action has been or can be taken to unish those people. This reflects a highly insensitive attitude of the VC towards the students.

  8. Wendy says:

    Away from the danger!

  9. Archana says:

    Hi Wendy,
    Thanks for your comment and welcome to the blog!

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