Hello World! Sambar-Sadam

Sambar-Sadam – Sambar Rice Dish from South India

   Sambhar and rice are the ubiquitous foods of South India; people eating them on a daily basis. Hence, Sambar-Sadam, a dish originating in Tamil Nadu is only naturally popular in South India. It basically involves rice, dal and vegetables together with all the spices of Sambar and also with tamarind juice, which is an essential ingredient of Sambar. Hence, in principle, the cooking of SambarSadam is the same as the principle of cooking Khichdi as it is done in the Eastern India – rice, Dal and vegetables are cooked together. The diffrence is that the Khichdi uses mild spices and not many of them, while SambarSadam uses full range of Sambar spices. Moreover, tamarind juice is not used in Khichdi. Another difference is that Moong dal is used for Khichdi, while SambarSadam uses Tur dal.

   I had the first occasion to taste SambarSadam at my professor’s house, who was from Tamil Nadu and had trained her Bengali maid expertly to cook authentic South Indian food! Since then, I have enjoyed this dish very much, but the taste from my Professor’s kitchen has never been matched.

   The best website I have come across so far for its recipe is http://solaiachiskitchen.blogspot.com/2007/11/sambar-sadam-bisibelabath.html, eventhough Bisi Bele Bhat mentioned there is really a spicy rice and dal dish from Karnataka – another rice and dal dish I like very much, but is different from SambarSadam. Moreover, SambarSadam tastes much better without dry fruits garnishing as shown in this picture. And, just like Khichdi, it tastes good with a spoonful of pure ghee or clarified butter on top! Because it is easy to cook, with all the ingredients being cooked together, it is quite popular as an easy to cook and tasty to eat traditional dish, without having to go for unhealthy fast food.


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